by Wayne Ezekiel

We’ve talked about culture at AA Munro for many years. One of the pillars of our ideal culture is Achievement. What does Achievement mean to me?

An image that I associate with Achievement is this salmon I was lucky to see at Big Falls in Cormack, Newfoundland.


Motivational artwork: "Achievement. Doing things well. Setting and meeting goals."


Salmon are an incredible species. Each year they leave the ocean to swim upstream in rivers, overcoming huge odds and obstacles to spawn. Their drive and laser focus to give birth attests to their singular purpose.

The perpetuation, growth and development of our organization calls upon the same energy. It is our own drive for achievement, through personal growth and development, that ensures the health of AA Munro long past our days with the organization.

Our desire to achieve is fulfilled through setting goals and reaching for those goals. We cannot control the results—only the effort. We strive for excellence and recognize that obstacles will get in the way.

But like the salmon jumping the falls, our drive and focus will help break through the barriers.