by Angus MacCaull

The Bridgewater Police Department has new service dog. Davis, a German shepherd, is currently in training with his handler, Constable Morgan Gibson. The pair expect to start formal police duties in the fall.

Funding for the new dog came from a variety of local fundraisers and donations, including a substantial donation from our Bridgewater office.

Police services dogs train for a range of responsibilities:

  • They search for people, like suspects—but also lost kids and confused seniors.
  • They search for things, like drugs, bombs, crime scene evidence and lost property.
  • They help rescue people, as in the case of an avalanche or a drowning.
  • They help protect people, like VIPs at events or anyone in need in a large crowd.
  • And they help humanize people, namely the police—because many of us love animals.

“He definitely is a huge community presence here,” said Constable Gibson. “We’re getting him out to meet people. He’s a super social dog.”

A Grade 3 class at Bridgewater Elementary suggested the name of the new service dog to remember Corporal Paul Davis, a local who died on active duty abroad a decade ago.

The new service dog is expected to work with the local police department for many years to come to help make Bridgewater a safe community.

You can follow Davis on Twitter @BPS_K9.


Constable Morgan Gibson and PSD Davis
Constable Morgan Gibson and PSD Davis