by Angus MacCaull

A storm blew in just before the Sydney Soiree this year, covering roads and cutting power. But the nor’easter couldn’t keep the local AA Munro crew away.

“The wind and the weather didn’t stop anybody from coming out,” said Stacia Peters. “We always like to bond!”

The Sydney Soiree is one of many great events put on by the Insurance Institute of Nova Scotia throughout the year. They host a nice mix of socials and professional development workshops around the province. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Jenny Reyno to learn more about some of the fantastic things they’re up to.

This year’s event in Sydney was at the Holiday Inn on the waterfront. You can walk along the boardwalk from there to the World’s Largest Fiddle, which stands 60 feet tall. Its official Gaelic title is the Fidheal Mhor A’Ceildh, or the Big Fiddle of the Ceilidh.

Cape Bretoners have a reputation for having a good time. Why is that? I’m only half Cape Bretoner myself (my dad is from “the other island”), so I’m not 100% positive. But I think it has something to do with their ability to listen. They always seem to have their ears open for songs and stories, or just the chance for a solid chat.

There were certainly lots of chats at the Soiree. Stacia really enjoyed the chance to talk face to face with Shannon Gibby from Totten for the first time.

“Her company has been a lifesaver for us,” said Stacia. “Her work is just bang-on.”

Of course it wouldn’t be a Cape Breton gathering without great music. Local band Kyintre kept the dance floor packed all night with high energy covers.

Things officially shut down around 1:00 am—not bad for a Wednesday!


A group of brokers from AA Munro before the Sydney Soiree
Cheers to a great night!