by Angus MacCaull

Tammie, Lisa and Theresa from Greenwich attended the South Shore Soiree this October. James from Digby also made it, and Harley popped over from Antigonish.

“It’s a fun networking event,” said Tammie. “Sometimes it’s nice to put a face to a name, and that builds that relationship.”

The Insurance Institute of Nova Scotia organizes the Soiree. They bring together insurance companies, different vendors, restoration companies, and of course brokers for an evening of food, drink and dance.

For the last few years the Rodd Grand in Yarmouth has hosted. It’s a wonderful venue, but attendance numbers have been declining. According to a recent survey conducted by the Institute, a more central location may work better.

Wherever the Soiree lands next year, you can be sure that some of our folks will be there. Our people and community-based culture is a great fit for these kinds of social events. We recognize that insurance is about promises. And we recognize that more promises are honoured when everyone knows and cares about each other in advance.

Tammie connected particularly well this year with Nancy Nickerson and Heather Anthony at Portage.

“I have a long history myself dealing with Portage,” said Tammie, “and so it was nice to spend some time with them, and just get a chance to catch up, and find out what new fun and exciting things are happening at Portage, and what we can look forward to in the next little bit.”

Around 9 o’clock, the live DJ started. It’s always a bit of an awkward moment when the lights dim and the music comes on. All of a sudden the room can seem much bigger.

Who do you think were the first to hit the dance floor, breaking the ice for friends and colleagues across our industry? Their picture is below!


Brokers from AA Munro smile at the Rodd Grand in Yarmouth
Tammie, Harley, Lisa & Theresa at the Soiree