Interviewed by Angus MacCaull

When you have a question about SigXP, you know who to call! Tracey LaTulippe also has a broader role in the Keal community as part of the Keal System Users Board of Directors. She recently attended the 2019 Accelerate Conference in Niagara.

What’s your role on the Keal System Users Board?

As part of the Board’s Research and Development team, I provide input and support to Keal System Users. We use a framework with 4 pillars called DICE.

Development to bring new efficiencies into the broker management system. The research and development team works closely with the Keal development team to help prioritize items that are included in each new release.

Innovation we are always looking to integrate new services and processes in our ever changing insurance world, such as digital marketing, 3rd party integrations, and more effective company integrations.

Collaboration sharing of ideas, knowledge, system challenges and encouraging users to share their experiences with each other in what is coined as a UHU atmosphere (Users Helping Users).

Education bringing training on various aspects of the system, upgrades, 3rd party software, and professional development to our user community.


Two Keal System Users smiling together
Connecting with colleagues

Who are some of the people you work with across Canada?

The folks I work with on the board are mainly Ontario brokers. Lanis Key from Allen Insurance, Nicky Burns from Sentinel Risk Insurance, Christy Smith from Ives Insurance, Mark Sellers from McDougall Insurance, Jason Chambers from Surnet Insurance, Sheldon Williams from Nacora International Insurance, Rick Dresher from Affiliated Insurance, Darryl May with KTX Insurance, and our executive director Michelle Dubblestyne.

Michelle is the glue that holds us all together and keeps us on task when we get side tracked with our daily operations. These Board members each have differing size brokerages and varying structures, which gives us many different perspectives to consider when bringing new thoughts and ideas to our user community. We are very fortunate to have Board members who are also involved with many other industry boards, which gives us a broader view when discussing some of the industry challenges we currently face and what we could be facing in the future.


A couple smiling together at a conference
Jenn made it to Accelerate as well

How was this year’s Accelerate Conference?

This year’s conference was well attended. The information sessions are very informative. The Board implemented UHU sessions at last year’s conference that have been proving to be most helpful. A few topics are brought forward for discussion and the brokers in attendance provide their insight as to the processes they use and some of the pitfalls they have overcome. Usually everyone comes away with something productive to take back to their offices. This year, Keal’s customer appreciation night was a visit to the Brazilian Steak house, the Copacabana in Niagara Falls. It was a meat lovers dream!!


Does the Board have any current challenges?

We like to think of the challenges as opportunities for improvement. It’s one of the things I enjoy about the group. We are always striving to increase communication with both Keal and our Users. Continuing to find ways to utilize resources from the user community and enhance our relationship with our US counterpart NetVu (the Vertafore user community).


Keal System Users at the Accelerate Conference in 2019
Great sessions

Can you share a recent Keal success story?

Over the past year or so, Keal has changed the process they use for developing their software. The process has been proving to be a much more efficient use of resources and it allows for a more thorough look at the program and discussions with the user community before new enhancements are introduced. As a result, it provides better, more stable and more timely upgrades.