By Leah Sanford at The Family Knife

Maritime NHL’ers for Kids was founded in 2000 with a simple goal: help more kids play hockey. That goal has evolved over the years into a movement, backed by passionate communities to help remove barriers that keep kids from picking up sticks and hitting the ice. Today, Maritime NHL’ers for Kids is working year-round to raise awareness, funds, and support for hockey excellence throughout the Maritime Provinces.

So, what does MN4Kids actually do?

  • Hosts a celebrity golf tournament every summer, rotating through PEI, NB and NS
  • Celebrates professional hockey excellence – be it players, coaches, referees, scouts, broadcasters, admin staff, etc. – from the Maritimes
  • Raises funds through a partnership with the NHLPA Goals and Dreams, which donates full sets of hockey gear to the local hockey association
  • Raises funds through a partnership with Jumpstart, which provides funding for youth based on an application basis to help ease the burdens faced by financially challenged families          

But we can’t do this alone! It takes a village and we are honoured to have local champions like AA Munro support this effort. Sponsorship investments mean we can reach more kids, help more families, and break down more barriers that are preventing people from participating in Canada’s favourite winter sport!

So, what does AA Munro’s involvement this year mean?

  • Digby kids will get to see that dreams of professional hockey can come true, even if you live in a small town in Nova Scotia
  • Digby kids will get to meet, talk to, and learn from hockey and sporting legends
  • AA Munro will have a chance to be part of a movement focused on healthy activity, fun and learning
  • More smiles, from more kids and more families



To date:

  • 3,500+ kids have been directly impacted by MN4Kids activities
  • Over 250 full sets of new hockey equipment have been donated to local hockey associations
  • Since just 2014, over $203,000 has been raised and distributed throughout MN4Kids and Canadian Tire dealers through Jumpstart
  • Approximately 2,000 minor hockey kids have served as caddies in the tournament, giving them the opportunity to meet and spend the day with business leaders and Maritime hockey heroes!

Check out more great photos from years past on the MN4Kids Facebook page. Photos from this year’s event on July 25th & 26th in Digby will be up later in the summer!