by Angus MacCaull

When the green flag dropped, twenty six cars took off with a roar. My smile grew wide at the pure power.

“I thought you would like that,” said Greg Hull, a longtime fan of the races at the Riverside International Speedway.

Who doesn’t love their “toys”? And whether it’s race cars, ATVs, motorcycles or boats, they’ve all been brought out for the summer.

Denise Primmer in Lower Sackville even had some fun in her office recently with actual toys, 3 year old Owen Boyd’s dinky toys!

Owen came into Denise’s office with his mom, Ashley, and his dad, David. He played in good spirits for half an hour while his parents made changes to the insurance on his mom’s Volkswagen.

“He was a really, really intelligent little boy,” said Denise. “He was so cute. He drove his dinky toys back and forth across my desk.”

When Denise printed out the liability cards, the first one came out of the printer slightly off center. So she set that card aside, lined the paper up better, and printed out fresh ones.

After she handed the fresh cards to Owen’s parents in AA Munro wallets, she caught a look on Owen’s face and had an idea.

Denise took the first liability card that she had set aside for recycling and put it in a crisp, new wallet of its own. Then she gave it to Owen.

“I said here you go, now this is for your insurance for your dinky toys.”

Owen was quite pleased. According to his mom, he still carries the liability card with him. He tells people that he has insurance and that they should make sure they have insurance too.

Our love for toys starts young. And at any age—or any speed—it can also feel good to be protected.


Owen with his liability card
Owen with his liability card