by Angus MacCaull

When our neighbours and community members call or stop by, their impression of AA Munro is often set by the person they talk to on the front line.

“It’s the key area to keep everything flowing right,” says Michelle Green in our Truro office.

Michelle is first on the phone in Truro. She’s also the first person you see when you walk in: she’ll greet you with a smile. She likes to get to the office a little early each day so she can prioritize her workflow. And by the time the first client arrives, the coffee’s ready and the system’s loaded up for the day’s activities.

A lot of the activity at the front desk is for liability cards, vehicle changes, or payments. Some of the activity is for things like community donations or court appearances. There’s new business, too. Michelle does as much as she can to address everything directly before getting someone else involved.

If people are angry or worked up, Michelle reminds herself that something else has probably happened in their lives to upset them. She acknowledges everyone and tries to have a lot of compassion. One way she does this is by treating people like she’d want her own kids treated. 

“You gotta understand where the emotion’s coming from,” she says. “See it from their side.”

Michelle feels lucky to be part of a team with a great rapport—one where it feels like the whole team has always known each other.

Right after work, you’re likely to find Michelle at the gym. She enjoys weight lifting and finds that the gym is also a great place to meet people and make good friends.

“I live to go to the gym,” she says. Over the years, she’s encouraged her whole family to join.

And there’s soon to be a new source of joy in the Green family. Michelle is expecting her first grandchild this March! She’s looking forward to spending lots of time with the little one. Truro might even have to make room for a pack and play at the front desk.


Michelle Green at her desk, AA Munro Insurance Turo location