by Angus MacCaull

Everybody’s got their beer. Better make that plural! Everybody’s got their beers. Here are my 7 picks for 2014 from the East Coast. I’ve included a cider for good measure. Also on the list is my preferred time of year for each pick.


Half a glass of beer sits on table in sun


I’ve left out both the very big and the very small breweries. The beers on this list aren’t generally¬†available outside the Maritimes, but they are available in bottles or cans. I took all of them along on a recent road trip to Ontario. The Ontarians agreed: the East Coast makes good beer!

  • Propeller Pilsner, Halifax – summer
  • Picaroons Best Bitter, Fredericton – all year
  • Rare Bird Full Steam Stout, Guysburough – winter
  • Garrison Hopyard Pale Ale, Halifax – all year
  • Boxing Rock Temption Red Ale, Shelbourne – winter
  • PEI Beach Chair Lager, Charlottetown – summer
  • Shipbuilders Cider, Berwick – summer

Can you guess which one’s in the glass above?