by Angus MacCaull

If you need a quick bite and a hot drink in downtown Halifax, Cabin Coffee is a good go to. Located at Hollis and Salter, just around the corner from Mountain Equipment Co-op, it’s set up, unsurprisingly, like a cabin. You’ll know you’ve arrived when you see the colourful Adirondack chairs outside.

Cabin Coffee is like a hip Tim Hortons. There’s a wood moosehead carving mounted on the wall. Evergreens accent the space. Leather couches are complemented by sturdy cafe style tables and chairs to provide ample seating. The atmosphere offers a taste of rural life remixed with an HRM vibe.

Bowie was playing on the shop’s speakers when I entered, followed by The Jackson 5. I ordered a ham and Swiss cheese sandwich with a bowl of Mulligatawny and a coffee.

“Medium roast okay?” asked the barista.
“I’ll take dark if you have some on,” I said.

It was no problem. There were half a dozen blends to choose from. There were also lots of menu items for vegetarians.

I was satisfied with the food when it came. The sandwich was simple. I thought it was a nice touch that it came warm. The soup was hot and not too spicy. And while the serving was modest, so was the price. Everything along with a pack of gum came to only $12. I liked that they had gum at the register—if you’re on the go, sometimes you need it before your next meeting.

I left a tip, then snapped a picture of classic image on the wall from 1932. I hope Cabin Coffee enjoys similar longevity in Halifax.