by Angus MacCaull

There’s a comedic gem inside our new learning library. Search for “Cutting Edge Communication” in the search box and you’ll find several dozen videos from the Cutting Edge Communication Comedy Series. Each episode is five to ten minutes long. The theme song gives me a smile every time I click on a new one. The series covers topics like Presenting with Passion and Giving Hygiene Feedback. You can watch it in any order.

Shot in a mockumentary style clearly inspired by The Office, this series of shorts takes a fresh approach to soft skills training in a work environment. The episodes show a cast of identifiable characters fumbling through common business situations. Awkward truths are offered with laughs along the way. There are chat cam cutaways, silly acronyms, reoccurring jokes and a snappy underscore. Each episode starts with a thoughtful quote and ends with real advice.

Created by Australian psychologist Eve Ash and American comedienne Erin Brown, the Cutting Edge Communication Comedy Series was filmed in LA in 2012 and 2013. While some of the topics are funnier than others, the production value is consistently high and new episodes are coming out this year. Some topics have accompanying activities. Given our current system update, I recommend starting with the episode on Accepting Change.


Serena, Marcus, Carol and the crew from Cutting Edge in group discussion
Serena, Marcus, Carol and the crew from Cutting Edge