by Angus MacCaull

Fire & Ice: The Perils that Bind Us was the theme of the 2016 Atlantic Insurance Brokers Convention.

Managers and industry leaders gathered for two days in early October to network and share insights about the future of insurance.

I donned a suit and tagged along with our AA Munro Steering Committee to learn more about some of the players involved in our region.


Wednesday, Oct. 5th

3:49pm My dad, Harley, and I arrive Halifax. I knock out an hour of emails. Meanwhile, Zach is representing us at the opening session for the Young Broker Network.

5:11pm James, Georgie, Wayne, Greg, Rodney, and Val register. Everyone lands at the ICPEI gathering, excited to start the Convention.

6:02pm We hit the Tradeshow. There are lots of speciality markets represented. Someone from an auto body chain is handing out mini sticks and talking about starting up a game!

7:10pm I grab a bite of fish and chips and then catch up with everyone at Pembridge’s gathering.

9:32pm The RSA gathering is in full swing. People are making connections and enjoying the live background music.

11:15pm Intact hosts everyone for the last gathering of the evening. As usual, when insurance folks start chatting, it goes late!


Thursday, Oct. 6th

9am Educational sessions start. There’s a session on motivation and two sessions on the digital aspects of insurance.

1:30pm After lunch and a ten minute nap, I go to the CEO Forum. It’s almost two hours of spirited discussion among insurance company heads. When they open the floor for a Q&A, Harley asks the first question: “What effect will consolidation at the supply level have on brokerages?”

4:24pm A few of us gather for a drink to talk over the day. It’s a beautiful fall afternoon with lots of great ideas.

6pm The whole AA Munro Steering Committee shows up in the Munro tartan for the President’s Reception and Dinner. But everyone’s too busy jawing with industry friends to snap a group picture!

9:07pm I squeeze in a half hour of emails and then join the Aviva gathering.

2:18am At least one of the after parties is still rocking (the DJ plays some Rankins!). I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say when I turned in …


Friday, Oct 7th

9:43am A shower and then an hour of emails—the rest of the world doesn’t stop for the Convention!

11am It’s checkout time. A quick brunch and we’re on the road again, back to Antigonish for a meeting at the office.