by Angus MacCaull

Harley has a new truck. It’s a Ram 1500 EcoDiesel Tradesman with a full 8 foot bed—a classic work truck that’s friendly on gas.

Everyone knows that Harley puts in a lot of miles behind the wheel visiting our offices around the province. Many of us have also seen how he’s put minivans to work over the years, hauling everything from furniture to gravel. Now with a new pontoon boat to haul as well, he’s finally made the move to a solid 4×4.

I rented a Ford F150 a couple of years ago and enjoyed driving it. One of my friends recently bought a GMC Sierra. I was wondering why my dad chose a Ram.

One of the reasons Harley went with a Ram is because of those trusty minivans that served him so well for decades. They did the job, but most importantly, they were all from the same local dealer in Antigonish—which is where Harley got his new truck.

Being a community-based insurance brokerage with a mission to protect the material well-being of Atlantic Canadians means developing honest relationships with individuals who buy insurance and receive insurance claims payouts.

It also means participating in the flow of cash around the community from business to business as people go about their day doing the things that make a place active and make a place a place.

Whether it’s a truck or posters for an event or lunch for the office, when we buy local, we’re part of a healthy business climate that provides us all with a livelihood and a sense of professional identity. The reason we’re here is more than the bottom line.

Of course, it’s not always possible to stay with a local supplier, but it’s always important to have the discussion.