by Angus MacCaull

Computers are at the core of many contemporary workplaces. Even when you bring your car into the mechanic’s shop, you’re likely to hear talk about chips and sensors rather than nuts and bolts. Across all of our offices, our IT TeAAM members put in a lot of hours to provide a strong, secure system. They know that we need the right tools for our jobs and that we need to feel comfortable using those tools.

In a complex network, unique problems with unique solutions come up all the time. Meeting new challenges every day is part of what makes an IT job rewarding. So is seeing the relief in someone’s eyes when their computer starts working again. If an issue can’t be resolved in a short phone call, a member of our IT TeAAM gets on the road to work it out in person.

All of us can cultivate habits to support the power of our network — habits that are good for us and good for our customers. A lot of these habits come down to common sense. You’re probably familiar with most of them already. Here are some safe system use reminders collected into an AA Munro mnemonic.


Have strong passwords.

Ensure that you log out.

Consider the sources of the websites you visit and programs you install.

Tell personal details only to people you trust.

Only share things on social media that the whole world can know.

Refresh your understanding of prevalent scams and viruses every now and then.

Ignore e-mail attachments unless you know exactly what they are.

Talk to our IT TeAAM immediately when something out of the ordinary happens.