by Rebecca Davis

I often find myself thinking about insurance when I come across funny or unique situations in my everyday life. Although highly necessary, and required in lots of cases, insurance isn’t something people generally get excited about buying; it’s an invisible product you don’t use until you have to. Now that I’m immersed in the industry, I like to look at it like a puzzle, asking myself: where does insurance fit?

As a type 1 diabetic, I have some extra medical considerations that go into most decisions I make. I use an insulin pump to regulate my blood sugars—a device that connects to me intravenously and acts like a pancreas. It’s an expensive and valuable machine, and if I were to lose or damage it, I could run into medical issues.

When I set up my tenant’s insurance, I found out I could add a rider to my policy that insures it. For a few extra dollars a month, I have the peace of mind that I was covered. Insurance is usually available for most things near and dear to you—I just had to ask.

My partner and I got a kitten last May, and decided not to get pet insurance at the time. My sister also got one from the same litter. When hers had some surgical issues after spaying, the insurance she opted for came in really handy. After that, we added pet insurance to our profile. It turns out Louis likes to eat Q-Tips, so it was a good call.

While skiing recently, I thought about all the ways insurance fit into a day on the hill. Ski hills generally have public liability insurance, as a business that facilitates an activity that’s a little more on the dangerous side. There was a sponsored alpine skiing event going on, and the flashy ski and snowboard gear the athletes had was definitely insured in one way or another. As I sat in the pub for a beer après-ski, I realized the liability limits the hill insures are probably pretty high.

Whether you’re a diabetic, a cat lover or a career snowboarder, there are unique risks you’re exposed to. And there’s most likely insurance out there to cover them. When you really think about it, insurance is everywhere. And that’s a good thing!


Louis picturing all the mischief he’ll get up to now that he’s insured…