by Rebecca Davis

This year, we sponsored Big Brothers Big Sister’s BIG Poutine Fest. For 10 days in February, local Nova Scotia restaurants offered special poutine dishes—and for every one ordered, a donation made to the corresponding BBBS branch. Big Brothers Big Sisters helps youth facing adversity across the province.

We’re always ready to get our poutine on, and supporting local businesses and charities in the process made each tasty fry all the more special. Our brokers tried dishes from a few different restaurants and they had rave reviews.


Reviewers: Melanie and Rhonda in Greenwood

Restaurant: Rockin’ Rogi Diner

Poutine: Pierogi Poutine

Review: “The Rockin’ Rogi makes everything from scratch, using all local ingredients, and you can definitely tell! Their poutine had really good flavour. The dill sauce paired well with the plush sausage, and you can never go wrong with a good sauerkraut. It was a solid portion, and I left with a full belly.”



Reviewers: Derek and Wavey in Lower Sackville

Restaurant: Riverside Pub & Eatery

Poutine: Cheeseburger Poutine

Review: “While this poutine might not be the healthiest choice, it was definitely the right one for my tastebuds. The Jack Daniels barbecue sauce brought the whole thing together. It was so good, we almost ordered more to take home!”



Reviewers: Rhonda, Tamara and Melanie in Greenwood

Restaurant: Oaken Barrell Pub

Poutine: Chicken Curry Poutine

Review: “We were excited to try something a little different in terms of what you might expect from the classic Canadian poutine. The fries were fresh, not greasy at all, and the curry flavour was the perfect balance of sweet and spicy. I’d definitely go back.”



Reviewers: Angie in Greenwich

Restaurant: Harvey’s

Poutine: Bacon Double Cheeseburger Poutine

Review: “I wasn’t sure what to expect with my choice from a fast-food restaurant, but I enjoyed this poutine immensely. I think it’s a regular menu item now, and thank god—iI’ll definitely be back for another.”



Reviewers: Angie’s wife, Susan

Restaurant: Callister’s Country Kitchen

Poutine: Supreme Poutine

Review: ”This poutine was definitely something to write home about. As you can see, The toppings were plentiful (but not overdone). I loved the option for sauce on the side to avoid soggy fries, and the pickles were the finishing touch!”