by Angus MacCaull

The fall is almost upon us. The tree below isn’t ashamed to admit it! And I’m not ashamed to admit that the fall is my favourite season. A lot of people love the summer, but there’s nothing I love more than taking a stroll in the crisp October air, with the leaves changing colour above the sidewalk and some of them beginning to crunch underfoot. I feel very productive this time of year. The evenings have just the right amount of light: there’s enough to relax after work and then the sun sets and there are a few hours to focus on something by lamplight before bed. I think part of my love for fall might, strangely enough, be how it represents new beginnings to me. The North American academic year starts in the fall and my mom’s sabbaticals as a professor took us to several new places in the fall when I was young. Then my own studies and my own teaching career brought me to another handful of new places in a series of Septembers. It’s also a busy time in the business world, with a lot of community events gearing back up after summers spent largely with immediate family and friends. So enjoy the fall buzz, and don’t forget to feast your eyes on the trees!


Tree displaying orange autumn leaves