by Rebecca Davis

After a one-year break due to COVID, our annual Turkey Run was a success. Wayne and Katherine Ezekiel set out to deliver each of our brokers a turkey for the holidays.

First, they hopped across the Causeway from Antigonish and visited our coworkers in Cape Breton. Our Central Nova and HRM offices were up next.

Natalie Nyoka, a newer broker in our Truro office, was really excited to experience her first Turkey Run. “When I first heard of the event, I thought ‘Turkey Olympics’… and I’m still laughing about it!”

“Since moving to Nova Scotia, we’ve been spending Christmas with a family we met along the way. I will be sharing my turkey with them, and we’re all really excited,” Natalie said. “it’s been a tough year, but sharing a meal with family and friends makes one stop and appreciate those around the table.”

On day three, our Valley South Shore brokers got their turkeys and the delivery team made their way to PEI for the last leg of the run. Charlottetown broker David Ghiz was delighted—and a little surprised—to see Wayne and Katie in the office parking lot the next morning.

“It was great to finally meet them,” David said. “Over the years, Wayne’s had a huge influence on the culture at AA Munro, and personally delivering a turkey to me on the Island really confirmed what we’re all about.”

A huge thanks to Wayne and Katie for making yet another COVID Christmas a little more special for everyone!