Interviewed by Angus MacCaull

Mary Gillis recently celebrated 45 years at AA Munro. She originally started working for Alcorn in 1972. She was supposed to fill in for Gerry MacFadygen’s 2 week vacation, but she’s been here ever since!

What’s been the biggest change in the industry since you started?

The biggest change in industry since I started is the way things are now done. When I started the broker would rate and do an application. We would type the policy here in office, then send it along with the invoice to the client. Also company reps would visit office quite often, always looking for new business and at times almost ready to take anything, even if it was meant for another company.


What’s the best part of your work week?

The best part of the work week is when you set out to do a certain amount of work or to fix a problem and are able to accomplish your task.


Do you have any advice for making it through stressful times?

During stressful times, I find that you should ask for help from your co-workers to see if the can help with the problem.


Do you have any memories of Alcorn to share?

The thing I remember most about Alcorn is the way he could calm down a customer who wasn’t pleased with their premium. They usually paid and left in a lot better cheer than when they came. Also, I remember how much he enjoyed the cake and ice cream at any event we had at the officeespecially the ice cream.


What does AA Munro mean to you?

A.A. Munro is a company that’s consistent and solid. It continues to grow and provide employment to many people in our community. When I came there were only three other employees in the Whycocomagh office and two other full time offices (Baddeck and Port Hawkesbury), so times have changed a lot over the years!


Mary Gillis being celebrated for 45 years of service with bouquet of flowers by coworkers