by Angus MacCaull

If you drive along the Shore Road in Merigomish, you’ll see a humble sign for Camp Geddie. The Camp’s wood-shingled buildings overlook the warm waters of the Northumberland Strait. Kids have been gathering here to swim, hike, canoe and create community since 1946.

We got involved with Camp Geddie in 2011 when Tilda Raney’s son William attended. It was the first time that William had stayed away from home.

“He loved it,” said Tilda. “It’s amazing how a camp like Camp Geddie can leave a wonderful impression on kids’ minds.”

William still remembers the outdoor activities and games he played. He also still remembers some of the lessons he learned, like how to eat what you’re served and finish your plate!

Camp Geddie is run by the Presbyterian Church, but registration is open to people of all denominations. The Camp’s facilities are also available for rent year round. The camp is well-used for retreats, school trips and university research. The atmosphere out in the woods is perfect for reconnecting with nature. And the beach is great for bonfires.

Some of Camp Geddie’s funding comes from local businesses. For several years now, we’ve sponsored a BBQ.

“We try to offer something a little special,” said Tilda. “Something that the kids might not get normally.”

On any given week in July or August, upwards of a hundred campers might be in attendance. Most are from the surrounding area. But some have come from as far away as Australia.

Camp Geddie recently celebrated 70 years. For more information, visit


Happy campers of Camp Geddie in Northumberland Strait
Happy campers of Camp Geddie in Northumberland Strait