by Wayne Ezekiel

There is an old saying that I have heard many times in my life that says “you can get catch more flies with honey than vinegar.” This sums up the behaviour that is expected when we talk about being humanistic and encouraging.

As we move toward our ideal culture, practicing the behaviours encompassed within being humanisitic and encouraging will help speed us along our journey. Being supportive of each other, being good listeners, and looking to understand rather than being understood are key to building strong relationships and effective TeAAMs.

The ability to resolve conflicts and help others think for themselves are skills that not only help with our dealings with our co-workers, but also help with our customers, our company partners, and even our family and friends.

In a constructive culture each of us is responsible to each other to help with individual growth and development. We do this when we share information, think about the person first instead of the task, and by taking time with each other to be supportive and to ensure learning and knowledge transfer takes place.

Be human, be encouragingand we will be great together!


Rowers working together on a lake