by Wayne Ezekiel

So far we’ve talked about two behaviours in our ideal culture: seeking Achievement and being Affiliative. Our third behaviour is called Self-Actualization. This is present in the best of the best organizations around the world.

One sign that people are self-actualized is that they enjoy their work. They also think in unique and independent ways. They emphasize quality over quantity. They’re concerned about their growth and development. They’re open about themselves and learn from their mistakes.

Self-actualized people are not afraid to take risks. They resist conformity in order to find new and more effective ways to do things. You might even call them “fearless”.

When a new person joins AA Munro Insurance, we hope they see a big opportunity. Our role—all of us togetheris to make sure they have the tools and support to realize their potential. This doesn’t mean that any of us know in advance exactly what that potential looks like. Sometimes it’s a tough road with ups and downs. And it’s not only a road for new people. It’s important that we allow each other the freedom throughout our careers to pursue the paths we each feel will bring us closest to our full potential, using the company’s tools and support along the way.

This is what we mean when we talk about a culture of Self-Actualization.


Motivational art of fireworks "Self-actualization: Creativity. Quality over quantity."