by Angus MacCaull

Our Lower Sackville team gathered again recently to enjoy Harley and Wayne’s cooking. Last year, their “Sack Vegas” Christmas Tree wowed the judges of our Tree Decorating Contest (the year before it was Greenwich). And luck was with them this year as they won the random draw for a dinner served by AA Munro’s (unofficial) resident chefs.

Things kicked off around 6:30pm on a Saturday at a rented lake house in Beaver Bank. Katie mixed margaritas to sip alongside chips with salsa and guacamole. The main course of tacos and burrito bowls followed as everyone settled in to chat at four or five tables.

Doing the dinner at a lake house in the area gave the evening a real family feeling. Coming down the steps to the front door felt like you were arriving at someone’s home. The kitchen was wonderfully crowded and tunes were rocking from the stereo. Big picture windows looked out onto the rippling water—a classic Nova Scotian scene.

The idea for Mexican food came from the Lower Sackville crew themselves. What they might not have expected was Wayne’s stellar Mexican dessert offering of three different dishes: Mexican Coconut Flan, Apple & Cinnamon Enchiladas, and Chocolate Chili Cheesecake! Afterwards, Wavey led the charge on clean up.

It’s really cool to see the Lower Sackville team grow and evolve. They have a great mix of experience alongside some young, eager brokers with lots of energy. They’re embracing the exciting potential of the new trends in our industry as well as the fun side of things in their Sack Vegas community.

As we grow at AA Munro, we want to keep doing our thing like this. At the end of the day, we want to feel like we can get together to relax and have a laugh. As we get bigger, we hope to feel part of a meaningful story here in Nova Scotia and beyond.